Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In The News

We started this as a way to stop writing on our hands and start raising money for our friend and football star. We are in the 6th grade. Jack is in our class. We used to write JB all over our hands in support and then we got an idea. We made bracelets that say "JB" and we started selling them to raise money for Jack. We set up tables at lunch. We sold at football games to the community. Corban Bookstore in Coppell let us set up a table to sell. Pamela's Boutique helped sell bracelets. All the waiters at Anemia's bought bracelets. Bankers at Tom Thumb bought bracelets. Slowly our community grew in support. The next thing we knew Jack wanted to take the money and buy snuggies because it is what has kept him warm through treatments and he wanted to make sure the other kids at Children's Medical had that same comfort. Then, guess what?! The snuggie company, All Star Product Group, found out and gave us 100 SNUGGIES!!!! And now we are on the news. We would love for you to join in this cause. If you would like to make a donation, please hit the donate now button on the right and this will go directly to Jack to support the cause of children battling cancer.


  1. I think this is amazing! I'm the biggest Snuggie fan ever, and this is a fantastic way to help. I will be donating!

  2. God bless you, Jack. We saw your story on NBC Los Angeles. You and your family are in our prayers.